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how to remove responsive layout from yootheme


This step works on wordpress and joomla

So first open /templates/yoo_theme_template/layouts/template.config.php and change some lines:

$css[] = sprintf('.wrapper { max-width: %dpx; }', $this['config']->get('template_width'));

This line change in to this:

$css[] = sprintf('.wrapper { width: %dpx; }', $this['config']->get('template_width'));

Then scroll down and find this line:

$this['asset']->addFile('css', 'css:responsive.css');

This line you just need to remove or comment it out

 /* $this['asset']->addFile('css', 'css:responsive.css'); */

Second file you need to edit is simple jQuery file and it is in /templates/yoo_theme_template/js/template.js In this file you need to change all this file content into this one:


    $(document).ready(function() {  

        var config = $('body').data('config') || {};  

        // Accordion menu  
        $('.menu-sidebar').accordionMenu({ mode:'slide' });  

        // Dropdown menu  
        $('#menu').dropdownMenu({ mode: 'slide', dropdownSelector: 'div.dropdown'});  

        // Smoothscroller  
        $('a[href="#page"]').smoothScroller({ duration: 500 });  

        // Social buttons  

        // Match height and widths  
        var match = function() {  
            $.matchWidth('grid-block', '.grid-block', '.grid-h').match();  
            $.matchHeight('main', '#maininner, #sidebar-a, #sidebar-b').match();  
            $.matchHeight('top-a', '#top-a .grid-h', '.deepest').match();  
            $.matchHeight('top-b', '#top-b .grid-h', '.deepest').match();  
            $.matchHeight('bottom-a', '#bottom-a .grid-h', '.deepest').match();  
            $.matchHeight('bottom-b', '#bottom-b .grid-h', '.deepest').match();  
            $.matchHeight('innertop', '#innertop .grid-h', '.deepest').match();  
            $.matchHeight('innerbottom', '#innerbottom .grid-h', '.deepest').match();  


        $(window).bind('load', match);