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How to reduce spam comment to Zero


Its been many days i am getting lot of lots of spam comment. I wounder why people loves to post spam comment. Thou being site administrator, everybody know that i will not publish that spam comment in my webiste. I love real comment. 100% real comment.

I usually get more that 25 spam comment a day. I tried to use Askimet plugin also, but it cost monthly payment.

So i was trying to use alternation. 100% free.

I check other site, i found that Disqus is best for real comment. 100% human comment. I start using it. Its being 3 days i am using Disqus comment, till now i did not get spam comment. Not even 1. Thank you Disqus for being great pluging and your entire team.

Just use Disqus plugin and be 100% spam comment free