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How to get hosted Adsense Account with video tutor


If you are trying to get google adsense then hosted adsense account is easiest way to get adsense.
Simple follow these easy step then within 2-3 hrs, you will get google adsense.

Here, i am applying for youtube account.

01. Create a new Gmail account.
02. Sign-up on YouTube with the newly created YouTube account.
03. After signing-up, go to ‘YouTube settings’. Do not upload any videos.
04. Scroll down and click on ‘View additional features’.
05. In the features tab, near to Monetization, click on ‘Enable’.
06. A new page will load. Click ‘Enable My Account’.
07. An agreement form will appear, tick all the boxes and click on ‘I Accept’.
08. Now monetization is enabled for your account. Once again go to ‘YouTube Settings’ >> ‘View Additional Features.
09. Near to monetization, click on ‘View monetization settings’.
10. A new window will appear. Find ‘How will I be Paid’ and click on it.
11. Now click on ‘associate an AdSense account’. This will redirect you to the AdSense page.
12. Fill the form correctly, and submit your application.
13. With in 1-2 hrs, You’ll receive an email like this.
You can also watch this video that will help you.