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How to get google adsense very fast

How to get google adsense very fast


Google adsense is one of the popular, best advertisement that every body tries to get approval. The easiest way to get google adsense is to apply form following website:

Update this post :: April 19, 2014
Google has update its terms and condition and according to that, now we can not use google hosted account to another account. i.e if you get hosted account using youtube, you are suppose to use only on youtube not in another website like Hubpages, webanswer and so on.

Blogger blogs with a sub-domian address ( etc.

within few hours, you will get approval mail in your inbox. Once you get approve, you can use, start displaying google adsense. Please note: Applying for above website you will get approves as Hosted account , this account is limited to use in above website only, you are not allow to use in other website like In simple word, your adsense account is limited to use only for above 4 domain only.